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Wow, working with Helen was an absolute pleasure. I interviewed 5 coordinators before I met Helen and once I got on a call with her, she just made such an impression I knew I had to work with her. She is so warm and caring but clearly immensely intelligent and detail oriented. I felt from the start we were a natural team that had a great synergy.

The traditional notion of a wedding planner is a professional who will keep you on task and be organized for you. Helen really broke the mold because she delivered that plus more. She became a trusted friend and therapist of sorts in my life. She really sets the gold standard for organization, work ethic, and just being an awesome human being all around. It was super comforting to be able to discuss ideas collaboratively as a team together and she was such a strong support system for me.

Helen has a really great wedding organization system in place with documents and goals to keep you on task along the months leading up to your wedding. We were in constant communication by email, making changes and exchanging input. Even up until the day before the wedding I was making seating arrangement changes and she didn't bat an eyelash. Not once did I ever see Helen flustered, she was always patient and supportive.

For the rehearsal, we had a lot of people and it got a bit hectic to get everyone in one place. It is impressive how Helen can be both so cheerful but also so firm and command a crowd of people to get results executed. My venue was really strict and we only had thirty minutes but Helen was so clear and experienced. The rehearsal and the actual ceremony execution were so flawless.

On the day of the wedding, she was everywhere at once and so incredibly patient. Helen's unwavering positivity and reliability were invaluable! I have so much respect and appreciation for how patient, responsive, optimistic, and helpful she was. Honestly, the day wouldn't have been the same without her!


Helen - A million thank yous for your help and dedication. I will miss working with you!

Helen was highly recommended to us by our florist and for good reason. She's reliable, communicative, organized, trustworthy, understanding, patient, name it. And super sweet!


My husband and I got the coordination package as we had most of our vendors in place but wanted someone to take care of day-of logistics - but she was so much more than that. Ever since our first conversations, Helen was vested on what was important to US and what we wanted our wedding day to be, and always at the whim to address any concerns or issues.


She was incredibly thorough and made it easy for us to hash out the details. She shared elaborate but user-friendly systems to account for all our vendors and details we hadn't considered and put together a comprehensive timeline. Though our agreement didn't include planning, she readily gave us suggestions on caterers within our budget and last minute décor. She took the reins with communicating with all our vendors so we wouldn't have to and everyone knew precisely when and where they had to be. When one of our dessert vendors busted a switcheroo on us just days before the wedding, within minutes Helen was making calls and the accommodations necessary. We were able to enter our big day and the days leading up to it stress-free. We knew she had everything under control and everything went off without a hitch!


Helen is on top of her game and means business but she also exudes so much warmth. Amidst all the stresses that come with wedding planning, Helen was always positive and enthusiastic. At our rehearsal dinner, SHE broke the ice among our friends/family. She respected and was validating of our decisions even if not the most convenient for her. Simply, she genuinely CARED! 


We can't thank and recommend her enough! She's a superwoman.


If there's anything I learned about having a wedding, it's how invaluable having a planner can be.


After proposing to me in July, my husband and I planned to get married the following January. While I was all for a shorter engagement period, I was not excited about the prospect of trying to plan the entire wedding by myself. It also didn't help that I knew nothing about the nitty gritty details of what goes into a wedding. And that's where Helen came in to save the day.


I was referred to her by a mutual contact, so after doing my research, we arranged an initial meeting. What I thought would be a quick chat turned into a 3-hour girl talk, where I basically told her my life story and we ended up sitting in her car for an hour because the cafe was closing. It was great, LOL.


From that point on, the entire process was smooth sailing. Every time anyone would ask me how planning was going, I would genuinely answer that I felt very minimal stress because I knew Helen was taking care of everything. As an extremely type A, hands-on kind of person, I thought I would have a lot of trouble letting someone else take the reins on such an important day, but Helen had no problem letting me be as involved or removed as I wanted. Helen liaised with all my vendors, kept me on track with a to-do list, scheduled monthly in-person or FaceTime meetings, and communicated with me frequently via email and text. In the two weeks leading up to the wedding, she sent detailed emails to everyone who was going to play a part (vendors, family, bridesmaids, groomsmen, emcees, officiants, etc.), making sure that everyone knew where they were supposed to be and when for the rehearsal and wedding day.


When it finally came to the big day, everything was perfect. I really tried to chill out and just be a bride, but it was impossible for me not to panic a little bit. But every time I asked Helen a question about anything, she spoke to me in such a reassuring and calming way. I had so many people come up to me that day and tell me how beautiful our wedding was. While I can't give Helen credit for the intricate floral arrangements, the delicious dinner, or the architectural details of our venue, I can give her credit for taking a bunch of small moving pieces and bringing them together to create a memory that my husband and I will never forget. Helen did something that I thought was an impossible task - she took my vision and made it come to fruition in a way that surpassed my own expectations.


If anyone is a real-life Wonder Woman, it's Helen. She is organized, detail-oriented while still keeping the big picture in mind, prompt, and transparent. And while all those skills are essential when planning a wedding, I think the most important quality about her is her joyfulness. No matter how bad of a day you have, it's hard not to feel immediately uplifted when you talk to Helen. The last few months of planning were hectic and emotionally taxing on me because of a combination of the wedding, an impending move from California to Texas, trying to wrap up work before quitting, and the idea of entering this brand new season of life as someone's spouse. But every time Helen and I spoke, whether it was face-to-face or over a computer screen, she always made sure to end our meetings by praying for my husband and me and speaking life and encouragement over us.


Not only did I have a great wedding planner, but I also have a lifelong friend.*cue me weeping in the corner because I love Helen so much.


*TL;DR: Helen is the best. You should 1000000000% have her plan your wedding.

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